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[Translate to English:] Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof im Vinschgau
[Translate to English:] Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof im Vinschgau

Delightful fruit paradise, fascinating expanses

Holiday region


Vinschgau: a valley full of character

Agriculture is present everywhere on a farm holiday in Vinschgau: wide apple orchards in lower Vinschgau, cattle farming and milk production in upper Vinschgau.

Agriculture is present everywhere on a farm holiday in Vinschgau: wide apple orchards in lower Vinschgau, cattle farming and milk production in upper Vinschgau.

‘A special landscape, like the people‘: in no other part of South Tyrol will you find so many artists and architects. Nature provides the inspiration, with the extensive valley basin and mighty glacial peaks on the horizon, the ‘Vinschger Wind‘ breeze that sweeps the steely blue sky, the magical light.


A Farm Holiday in Vinschgau

It’s as if all the Alps have been condensed into one single valley: this is what Vinschgau looks like. In the west of South Tyrol, the valley curves round from the Reschenpass to Töll near Meran. The Etsch, the second-longest river in Italy, flows through it, rising at Reschen and fed by several streams. Ten side valleys flow into the Vinschgau: Rojental, Schlinigtal, Langtauferer Tal, Planeiltal, Suldental, Münstertal, Matscher Tal, Schlandrauntal, Martelltal and Laaser Tal. There are several welcoming farms with holiday flats and rooms dotted along the original valley.

The Sonnenberg mountain on the northern bank of the Etsch is a special microcosm. This huge valley slope is striking thanks to its steppe-like vegetation and is very dry. Hundreds of years ago, in order to be able to use the meadows, mountain farmers created an extensive network of irrigation channels called ‘Waale’. Some of these old channels are still in operation toay, with lovely walking paths running alongside them. On the other, southern, side of the valley, the Nörderberg, there are lots of mountain pastures.


Living the landscape

Over the centuries, people have learnt how to live off and with the mountains. Fruit farming goes on at lower altitudes and cattle farming higher up. If you let your eyes gaze across the valley, you’ll have the apple orchards of the Vinschgau at your feet with their irregular geometric shapes forming an interesting pattern. It’s hard to believe that grain and vegetables grew in this area a hundred years ago with no trace of apple cultivation. Crossing over to higher-yielding fruit farming started in the 1970s. As farms in Vinschgau are very small – a farmer only owns an average of about four hectares of land – the formation of cooperatives to advise farmers and market their apples was unavoidable.

Cattle farming still goes in some parts of upper Vinschgau. Whichever holiday flat or room you decide on, you’ll get a close-up experience of everyday life lived by farming families on the small farms.


Apples – and more

In Vinschgau, around 2,000 farmers produce an incredible amounts of apples - 200,000 tonnes. Yet it would be a mistake to equate Vinschgau only with its apple orchards. On holiday on a farm in Vinschgau you’ll see that there are other typical products from Vinschgau that can really hold their own. In upper Vinschgau there are apricots in the form of 'Vinschger Marillen' with their distinctive aroma, and Palabirne pears, while Martelltal valley is given over to strawberry cultivation. Other berries, as well as cherries, are harvested in Vinschgau, along with organic herbs and, increasingly, grain and vegetables once again.


A range of activities

Staying on a farm in Vinschgau, which used to be the most barren region in South Tyrol, is a good choice these days and there is a range of activities to do. It has hikes of varying levels of difficulty, easy walks, as well as high-Alpine tours to mountain peaks in the Ortler Group or Ötztal Alps. The centuries-old ’Waalwege‘ paths through orchards featuring amazing viewpoints along the way are especially popular. A holiday flat or room in Vinschgau makes an ideal base for a range of activities in winter, too. Snow shoe walks, ski tours or skiing in one of four skiing areas will provide winter sports fun.

The warming rays of the sun, the scent of pine forests and herbs, the aroma of apples, apricots and strawberries, the taste of ‘Speck’ and cheese from mountain pasture cattle, tangy flatbreads that are named after the people who bake them – Vinschger. All this will guarantee a feast for your senses.


Why take a Farm Holiday in Vinschgau?

  • Endless apple orchards and lush meadows
  • ’Vinschger Marille’ apricots, Martell strawberries and sweet Palabirne pears – a refreshing variety of fruits
  • Leisurely walks through valleys and high-Alpine mountain experiences


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Overview of the holiday region


Orchards on the valley floor, famous for Vinschger Golden Delicious apples. Cattle farming with milk production in the side valleys and at higher altitudes. 'Vinschger Marille' apricots and Martello strawberries are also well known.

Upper Vinschgau

Living tradition

Lower Vinschgau

A dream of pink and white

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Gurschlerhof flower flower flower
Fam. Santer Gurschler  | Laas  (Vinschgau)
Farm's own products: milk, fruit jams, cordial ...
Farm offers: Experience everyday life on the farm, Barn visits, Experience the hay harvest ...
Holiday flat from 90€ a night
Niedermaierhof flower flower flower
Fam. Bernhart  | Kastelbell-Tschars  (Vinschgau)
Farm with organic farming, Fruit growing, Wine growing
Farm's own products: fruit jams, fruit juice, wine ...
Farm offers: Experience everyday life on the farm, Orchard and vineyard tours, Cellar tour with wine tasting ...
"Very good"
(2 Reviews)
Room from 45€ a night
Holiday flat from 90€ a night
Bauernhof Vill flower flower flower
Fam. Vill  | Schlanders  (Vinschgau)
Farm with organic farming, Livestock, Fruit growing
breakfast, half board
Product corner: fruit juice, fresh fruit in season
Farm offers: Farm tour and produce tasting, Riding taster sessions, Riding lessons ...
"Very good"
(14 Reviews)
bookable online
Holiday flat from 118€ a night
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Highlights & Events

Pure variety in Vinschgau



Reschensee lake: the silent witness in the water
Reschensee lake
The silent witness in the water
Glurns: tracking down the Middle Ages
Tracking down the Middle Ages
King Ortler: the highest point in South Tyrol
King Ortler
The highest point in South Tyrol
Stilfserjoch National Park: experience natural beauty
Stilfserjoch National Park
Experience natural beauty
Waalwege in lower Vinschgau: Happy strolling
Waalwege in lower Vinschgau
Happy strolling
Via Claudia Augusta cycle path: by bike from Mals to Meran
Via Claudia Augusta cycle path
By bike from Mals to Meran
Strawberry Festival
Reschensee Lake Run
Graun im Vinschgau
Stilfserjoch Marathon
Prad am Stilfserjoch
Marble and Apricots
South Tyrol Medieval Games
Stilfserjoch Bike Day
Prad am Stilfser Joch
Martell and Tarsch Cattle Drives
Reschen Autumn Cattle Drive
Graun in Vinschgau
Langtaufers Sheep Drive
Graun im Vinschgau
Golli Market
All Souls' Market
Burning disc throwing (‘Scheibenschlagen’) in Vinschgau
Mals, Schluderns, Prad am Stilfser Joch


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