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Impressum für die Roter Hahn-Webseite

Impressum for ‘Roter Hahn‘ website

Information on the website publisher and all persons and companies involved.

Roter Hahn
Südtiroler Bauernbund
K.-M.-Gamper-Str. 5
I-39100 Bozen/Südtirol
VAT no. IT 01521720217

Tel. +39 0471 999325
E-Mail: info@roterhahn.it

Chairman: Daniel Gasser
Director: Siegfried Rinner
Marketing department: Hans J. Kienzl, Sabine Gafriller, Janine Gamper, Marion Götsch, Gabriele Hafner, Kevin Huck, Sonja Kaserer, Hannes Knollseisen, Magdalena Kofler, Nadine Messner, Walter Rier

Advising, design, implementation & running

Zeppelin Group GmbH

Kuperionstr. 34
I-39012 Meran
South Tyrol - Italy
VAT no. IT 01727310219

Tel: +39 0473 49 86 00
E-mail: info@zeppelin-group.com
Website: www.zeppelin-group.com

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