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[Translate to English:] Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof in Bozen und Umgebung
[Translate to English:] Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof in Bozen und Umgebung

Mild climate, beautiful wine villages

Holiday region

Bolzano and environs

Bolzano and environs: contrasting landscape

Opposites attract - those who spend their holidays on a farm in Bolzano and environs have probably succumbed to precisely this attraction.

Opposites attract - those who spend their holidays on a farm in Bolzano and environs have probably succumbed to precisely this attraction.

The South Tyrolean holiday region is what you call a tourist jack-of-all-trades. The region, which includes the South Tyrolean Wine Route, South Tyrol's southernmost tip, Sarntal, Ritten, Mölten, Jenesien and the area around the Trudner Horn Nature Park, is characterised by both Alpine and Mediterranean influences. And the north-south mixture not only flourishes in the landscape, but above all in the culture and cuisine.


Holidays on a farm in Bolzano and environs

Numerous farmers on the South Tyrolean Wine Route and in the extreme south of the region grow fruit and vines. Farms are surrounded by vineyards and apple orchards even in the steepest places. A third of all South Tyrolean apples come from this region. Bolzano and the surrounding area thus makes a significant contribution to the fact that South Tyrol is the largest closed fruit-growing area in Europe. The area south of Bolzano is even more closely associated with first-class red and white wines. Almost 70 percent of the region's total wine-growing area lies here. A bite into a local apple or a visit to one of the numerous wineries is a good idea.

But agriculture was not always the strongest economic mainstay. In previous centuries, the area on the Etsch was an important transit area for traders and travellers, resulting in political importance and wealth. This is evident not only from the fact that one of the areas with the most castles in Europe can be found here, but also from the numerous historical village centres that were designed by Tuscan and Venetian master builders. Culturally, however, there is still more to see. In addition to the numerous village festivals, concerts and other events, a visit to Ötzi, the world-famous ice mummy, in the South Tyrolean Archeology Museum in Bolzano is particularly worthwhile during a holiday in an apartment or a room in the south of South Tyrol. The charming province capital of Bolzano impresses visitors with its unique Italian charm and will stick in your memory primarily for its historical centre.

The contrasting landscape is also a highlight in itself. On endless hiking trails along the sun-drenched high plateaus you can enjoy the Alpine scenery, while on the hills of Castelfeder you feel as if you have been transported to Greece. At Lake Kaltern, the Montiggl lakes and the Eppan Ice Holes, nature also shows its most diverse side. Numerous wineries and residences nestle among the gently rolling hills near Bolzano. In the Montiggl forest nature reserve, the largest local recreation area in South Tyrol, there are plenty of activity options.


Holidays with tradition

In Ritten and Sarntal valley, the Mediterranean-southern influences stay more in the background. In this area near the capital of the region, you can truly speak of Alpine culture and nature. Traditional villages and individual farms lie scattered between mountain forests and Alpine meadows. The climate here is slightly cooler than further south, which is why wealthy people from Bolzano had summer cottages built on the Ritten plateau as early as the 17th century in order to spend the hot summer months here. A hike to the natural wonder of the Ritten earth pyramids was part of the annual holiday itinerary back then and still makes a worthwhile excursion today. Nowadays, the holiday apartments and rooms in Bolzano and the surrounding area are worth a trip all year round.

Rustic Sarntal valley, on the other hand, was only opened up to tourists much later. For a long time, the Sarner people lived from handicrafts, livestock and Alpine farming. The valley still features some keen traditional quill embroiderers and the people here also pay a lot of attention to old arts and crafts. A large number of customs and festivals are celebrated here just as they were a hundred years ago. Away from the villages, hikers and mountain bikers will find themselves in a real paradise.


A showcase of nature

The landscape around the Trudner Horn Nature Park and Salten in the south of South Tyrol has received more than its fair share of attention from Mother Nature, and diverse flora and fauna thrive here. In the nature park alone, hikers can enjoy 400 kilometres of marked hiking trails and a visitors' centre is open to anyone keen to learn more about the local plants and animals. So, on a farm holiday in Bolzano and the surrounding area, it's worth lacing up your hiking boots. You should also plan a detour to the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Bletterbach Gorge - a showcase of geological history and the "mini Grand Canyon of South Tyrol". On the Salten plateau, horse lovers and leisurely hikers will feel particularly at home between the mountain villages of Mölten and Jenesien. This gentle mountain ridge is also well known for its breathtaking crocus blossoms in spring.


What does a farm holiday in Bolzano and the surrounding area have to offer?

  • Merging of north and south in nature and culture
  • Sprawling high plateaus and charming wine regions
  • A multifaceted and lively province capital
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Overview of the holiday region

Bolzano and environs

Apple cultivation on the valley floor, wine cultivation on the slopes and in Überetsch - the largest wine growing region in South Tyrol with the autochthonous grape varieties Lagrein and Vernatsch. Milk production in the side valleys and on the high plateaus.

The South Tyrol Wine Road

In vino veritas

South Tyrol’s southern tip

At the core of the apple orchards

Trudner Horn Nature Park

An adventurous idyll

Mölten - Jenesien

Surrounded by larch meadows



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Sölvahof flower flower flower
Fam. Sölva  | Kaltern an der Weinstraße  (Bolzano and environs)
Wine growing
Farm's own products: fruit jams, fruit juice, wine ...
Farm offers: Wine tour
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Holiday flat from 88€ a night
Glögglhof flower flower flower flower
Fam. Brigl  | Eppan an der Weinstraße  (Bolzano and environs)
Fruit growing, Wine growing
Farm's own products: eggs, fruit jams, cordial ...
Farm offers: Farm tour, Farm garden tour, Orchard and vineyard tours
(43 Reviews)
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Holiday flat from 110€ a night
Kerschbamerhof flower flower flower flower
Fam. Kerschbamer  | Kurtatsch an der Weinstraße  (Bolzano and environs)
Fruit growing, Wine growing
Product corner: speck, cured beef, sausages ...
Farm offers: Cellar tour with wine tasting, Orchard and vineyard tours, Cookery course
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Holiday flat from 110€ a night
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Highlights & Events

Pure variety in Bolzano and environs



Stoanerne Mandln: Mystical viewpoint
Stoanerne Mandln
Mystical viewpoint
Durnholzer See lake: A gem of nature
Durnholzer See lake
A gem of nature
Larch meadows on Salten: Unique cultural landscape
Larch meadows on Salten
Unique cultural landscape
South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology: the man from the ice
The Man from the Ice
Messner Mountain Museum Firmian
MMM Firmian
How people experience mountains
Ritten Earth Pyramids: towers of loam and stone
Ritten Earth Pyramids
Elegant towers of loam and stone
Castelfeder: a Greek island in South Tyrol
A Greek island in South Tyrol
Bletterbach gorge near Aldein: the Grand Canyon in miniature
Bletterbach gorge
The Grand Canyon in miniature
Ice Holes of Eppan: a refreshing change
Ice Holes of Eppan
A refreshing change
Montiggler Seen lakes: Eppan’s enchanted lakes
Montiggler Seen lakes
Eppan’s enchanted lakes
Kalterer See lake: the Alpine lake with southern flair
Kalterer See lake
The Alpine lake with southern flair
Frühlingstal valley near Montiggl: Vivaldi's muse
Frühlingstal valley
Vivaldi's muse
Pinot Noir Day
Asparagus Season
Wine Cellar Night
South Tyrol Wine Road
Wine Culture Week
Eppan on the Wine Road
Night of the Shooting Stars
Kaltern Wine Festival
Kaltern on the Wine Road
Ritten Ascension Day Festival
St Batholomew’s Day Cattle Drive
Montan Gourmet Mile
Sarntal Town Festival
Bozen Old Town Festival
‘Schupfen' Festival
Last load of grapes
Eppan on the Wine Road
Tramin Wine Alleys
Tramin on the Wine Road
Harvest Thanksgiving Festival
Bozen Christmas Market
Fri - Sun during Advent incl. 07.12., 27.12. & 30.12.
Ritten Christmas Train
Egetmann Procession
Tramin on the Wine Road


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