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Weather and snow report

Weather in South Tyrol

Last update: 21.04.2024, 10:00

Today's weather

A low pressure area over the Mediterranean and cold air masses will determine the weather. Very cloudy skies with some showers during the day. Snow line between 700 and 1000 m. Maximum temperatures between 5° and 12°.

Further development

Tuesday, 23.04
Wednesday, 24.04
Thursday, 25.04
Friday, 26.04
Tuesday will also be cloudy with only few sunny spells and some showers, especially in the afternoon. Wednesday dry conditions, the clouds will break and the sun will shine at times. Northerly winds. On Thursday, sunshine will initially predominate, with some clouds appearing in the north in the afternoon. Temperatures slowly recovering. Friday will begin with low stratus clouds in some valleys, otherwise it will be sunny. Clouds will increase in the afternoon.

Today's mountain weather

Unstable, wintry conditions

Reduced visibility on the mountains with light to moderate snow showers. Still wintry temperatures.



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High wind

1 - light wind

5 - 15 km/h

2 - moderate wind

16 - 30 km/h

3 - strong wind

31 - 60 km/h

4 - heavy wind

> 60 km/h

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