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Waalwege in lower Vinschgau: Happy strolling
Waalwege in lower Vinschgau: Happy strolling

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Waalwege in lower Vinschgau

Waalwege in lower Vinschgau: Happy strolling

Who says you always have to reach the summit? If you prefer gentle hikes and beautiful walks, then the Waalwege between Laas and Töll in lower Vinschgau are just the ticket.

It's the journey not the destination that counts: Seldom does a proverb ring so true as when walking along one of the numerous ‘Waalweg’ trails in the lower Vinschgau. The narrow paths extend gently and evenly along medieval irrigation systems, the green canopy of leaves protects against the warm rays of the sun. Enjoy the babbling of the water, the chirping of the birds and the laughter of children. Take in the sweeping views over the valley, over the famous South Tyrolean apple trees, vineyards, castles and villages. It’s the perfect place for those in search of calm and mindfulness.

Discover the history of South Tyrol

The history of the South Tyrolean ‘Waale’ or waterways goes back to the late Middle Ages. Many of them can be dated back to the year 1510 in Vinschgau, one of Italy’s driest regions. They were constructed by aristocratic landlords, monasteries and village communities. Until the 19th century farmers used the canals to irrigate their fields and meadows, which were often threatened by drought due to the dry inner-alpine climate. The canals also guaranteed the supply of drinking water. Most of the precious water came from the glaciers, the country's natural water reservoirs. The ‘Waalwege’, the paths along the waterways, which are popular today as hiking trails, were originally reserved for the "Waaler", the men who were responsible for the maintenance and repair of the canals as well as monitoring the precisely assigned watering times of the fields.

Waalwege in lower Vinschgau: Happy strolling

Spoilt for choice

A walk along the numerous Waalweg trails in lower Vinschgau is worthwhile all year round. A lot of water flows through the canals in spring and summer in particular and will thrill young and old alike. In autumn though, you will be captivated by the incredible colours of the leaves on the trees. Regardless of which village you choose for your holiday in lower Vinschgau, you won’t be far from the network of Waalwege. Each path is characterized by its own distinctive features. The Latschanderwaal, for example, takes you from the village of Latsch through deciduous woods, past rock faces and vineyards to Kastelbell and, after two and a half hours, rewards you at your destination with a wonderful view of the medieval castle of the same name. From the little village of Kortsch near Schlanders, the Zaalwaal leads you through a rich natural landscape of chestnut and fruit trees. The Romanesque Agidius church from the 14th century and two old disused mills line the way.

If you want to connect three different Waalweg trails, we recommend the circular hike over the Rautwaal, Neuwaal and Mareinwaal. The starting point is the small village of Morter at the start of the Martell Valley in lower Vinschgau. This gentle circular hike connects the Nörderberg and Sonnenberg and provides a wonderful view of the villages of Latsch and Tarsch. In the Neuwaal section Waaler rock carvings can be seen. The Neuwaal is one of the highest Waalwege in South Tyrol. The Schnalser Waalweg near Naturns in contrast is more physically challenging and allows for a visit to the museum. The path was built in the 16th century and leads from Galsaun, a village with 350 inhabitants, to Juval Castle, high above the Schnalstal gorge. The castle is both the home of the mountaineer Reinhold Messner and part of his Messner Mountain Museums. Along the way you can enjoy breathtaking views as well as see an original ‘Waaler’ hut and a water wheel bell. All starting and end points of the Waalweg can also be reached using the Vinschgau rail or local bus services.

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Tourist Office Laces-Martello
Piazza Principale 14
39021 Laces
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Hike along the Latschander Waalweg canal. The "Waale" are irrigation systems and the water was drained and fed into the canals so that meadows and fields could be irrigated.

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Sulla strada statale della Val Venosta fino a Laces, qui si possono parcheggiare o alla stazione o sui parcheggi circostanti, a seconda di quale ingresso selezionato.

Route description

Many of these canals are preserved today and are used as hiking or walking trails. Both starting points for the Latschander Waalweg trail are located in Laces, either at the roundabout at the end of the village or right by the entrance to the village. The trail leads down to Castelbello, where it meets up with the Ciardes irrigation channel path (Tscharser Waalweg), leading to Castle Juval (Schloss Juval). A quiet hike along the irrigation canals offers fantastic views. The trail takes you past the Pfraumhof farm which offers a rustic atmosphere for refreshments. The hike is an especially wonderful experience for children.