Open House Night
Open House Night
Night of the Shooting Stars
Friday, 11.08.2023 in Karneid
Natural spectacle in the Night Sky

Around the time of St. Lawrence’s Day you can witness a truly natural spectacle in the night sky and get an even better view in the planetarium.

Natural spectacle in the Night Sky

There's a good reason why the open night at the South Tyrol Planetarium takes place every year around St. Lawrence’s Day, because it’s exactly the time of year when you can witness a truly natural spectacle.

Every summer, the Earth crosses the Perseids meteor shower on its orbit around the Sun. Comet dust hits the Earth's atmosphere and causes the air molecules to glow, producing an impressive shower of shooting stars.

For the occasion, you are invited to the Max Valier Planetarium in Bolzano to watch the nightly spectacle. Special shows will be put on where you can see shooting stars and the most beautiful constellations, but also learn a lot about our solar system and the Milky Way.

Admission to the planetarium and the observatory is free on open night.

Night of the Shooting Stars
When Friday, 11.08.2023
Where Karneid
Tip We recommend advance booking at the planetarium.
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