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Traditions and Fun
Traditions and Fun
Regional Whipcracking Championship
Saturday, 20.07.2024 in Villanders
With a crack of the whip

In this centuries-old herdsmen tradition, the ‘Goaslschnöllner’ (whip crackers) take a crack at their whips and the best are selected as regional champions.

Nomination of the best whipcrackers in South Tyrol

The South Tyrolean Whipcracking (‘Goaslschnöller’) Association once again invites you to the National Whipcracking Championship. Whipcracking will be performed in groups of 2, 3 or 4, and judged on posture, volume and timing. The loud whipcrack sound has been used by South Tyrolean herdsmen to drive cattle for centuries. However, whipcracking was also a means of communication over long distances on the alpine pastures, for example to communicate when food was ready or someone was injured. Today, it’s used at religious events, village and alpine festivals, parades and Alpine cattle drives to keep the old tradition alive.

Regional Whipcracking Championship
When Saturday, 20.07.2024
Where Villanders
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