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Doughnut begging
Doughnut Begging in Pfunders
Wednesday, 10.11.2021 in Vintl
‘Doughnut beggars’ on the loose

Dressed in old peasant robes and homemade cloth masks, young men beg for doughnuts and recite rhymes.

Masked lads go from farmhouse to farmhouse

Of the many customs around All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day, doughnut (‘Krapfen’) snatching or doughnut begging in Pfunders is particularly interesting. It involves mainly boys or young men who go from house to house in disguise, begging for doughnuts by reciting old verses. Some folklore experts see the relationship between this seemingly mysterious custom and the Day of the Dead as follows: ‘Krapfen’ were traditionally consecration pastries that often used to be placed on graves. The farmers also hoped that this gift would bring them a fruitful year. Later, the farmers thanked their farmhands and servants for their good cooperation and the successful harvest by begging for doughnuts.

Doughnut begging
Doughnut Begging in Pfunders
When Wednesday, 10.11.2021
Where Pfunders
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