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Quality products from the farm in Olang
Fam. Arnold Greitweg 2
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Brot, Nudeln & Getreide and Käse & Milchprodukte
The farm
Unterhölzlhof farm (1,080 m) in Olang is small but beautiful. Fine, organic quality goat's cheese from milk from White German 'Edelziegen' is conjured up by the Arnold family from April to November. This means that priority is given to a natural approach to pastureland, cattle-rearing and maturing in the cellar. The farm mill grinds grain into nutrient-rich flour. Fresh meat from young cattle is also on sale.
In addition, Unterhölzlhof under the 'Roter Hahn' brand also offers the following
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Knowing where it's from
The goats at the Unterhoelzlhof enjoy exercise in the pen and outdoors. They only milk 7 months of the year, from April to November to be exact. That's why the goat's cheese is only available during this time. The goats are fed exclusively with silo-free feed from the farm.
Sie liefern die Bio-Milch für den Käse
Das Getreide wird als Korn oder Mehl verkauft
Lots of things are tried out and new things created at the Unterhoelzlhof. Thanks to the farm's own silo-free milk and the natural ripening of the cheese, the Arnold family is able to create unique cheese variations. The natural ripening, i.e. the cheese maturing without red smear, ensures an unmistakable and special taste. Grain is also grown on the farm, which is ground in the farm's own mill and packaged for customers.
Sie mahlt Weizen und Dinkel zu feinem Mehl
In der Hofkäserei wird Frisch- und Schnittkäse aus Ziegenmilch hergestellt
The Unterholzlhof is a member of the "Roter Hahn" brand with the following products:
Brot, Nudeln & Getreide
Grain of wheat
Spelt grain
Whole wheat flour
Wheat flour
Spelt flour
Wholemeal spelt flour
Käse & Milchprodukte
Hölzl's goat's cheese
no name
Hölzl's natural goat's yoghurt
Hölzl's cream cheese
Hölzl's goat camembert
All points of sale
Also delivered to hotels in the area
Location & arrival
in Olang lies at
1080 metres above sea level.
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