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Hofkäserei Steg
Quality products from the farm in Sarntal
Fam. Frei Vormeswald 2
M +39 379 2738279 info@steghof.it
Käse & Milchprodukte
The farm
The Steghof is located at 900m in Sarntal with a view of the Sarner Scharte. At the small innovative dairy farm farmer Hannes produces exquisite cheese and butter in his farm dairy in traditional handwork. In the natural ripening cellar, the cheese specialties get enough time to develop their unique taste. "For us, everything revolves around the welfare of our animals. They enjoy the free stall and run all year round," emphasizes farmer Hannes.
Bauer Hannes
hopes you enjoy the products
mobile +39 379 2738279
Knowing where it's from
The cattle at Steghof farm enjoy a spacious free-range barn with year-round access. In the warmer seasons, they graze on the pasture around the farm. They spend the summer on the mountain pasture.
Farmer Hannes churns the fresh raw milk into cheese and butter. In doing so, he endeavours to constantly improve the quality. He is particularly proud of his small cheese cellar, which gives the cheese a special flavour.
Steghof is part of the 'Roter Hahn' brand for the following products:
Käse & Milchprodukte
Rohmilch, Salz, ME und TH Kulturen, Lab
Sour cream butter
Rohram, Mesophile Kultur
Sarner Edelweiss
Rohmilch, Salz, ME und TH Kulturen, Weißschimmel, Lab
Steger soft cheese
Rohmilch, Salz, ME und TH Kulturen, Rotschmiere, Lab
All points of sale
Also delivered to hotels in the area
Location & arrival
Hofkäserei Steg
in Sarntal lies at
900 metres above sea level.
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