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Quality products from the farm in Aldein
Fam. Josef Obkircher Thalweg 10
T +39 340 8696047 info@kirnig.com
The farm
Two innovative young farmers, Andreas from Koflhof farm and Josef from Thalhof farm in Aldein, are the driving force behind the ‘Kirnig’ brand. The two friends cultivate mushrooms all year round. “Our gourmet mushrooms are organic, wholesome and genuine, with ‘kirnig’ meaning strong and nutritious in our local dialect”, they both explain. In addition, they cultivate wine, apples, blueberries and cherries and keep piglets and dairy cows.
Bauer Andreas Kalser & Josef Obkircher
hopes you enjoy the products
Telephone +39 340 8696047
On sale at farm
Knowing where it's from
The mushrooms are grown at Hof im Thal in perfectly air-conditioned rooms in the old barn. Only wood chips are used as a substrate. These are inoculated with the desired fungal cultures and completely infused with them on site. Then the mushrooms begin to grow. Organic cultivation guarantees that the mushrooms are free from pollutants and pesticide residues.
Oyster, king trumpet and shiitake mushrooms are grown.
The mushrooms are not only offered fresh, but also in dried form and preserved in oil. Processing takes place directly at Hof in Thal.
Processing takes place in the old barn on the farm
Kirnig is a member of the "Roter Hahn" brand with the following products:
Dried organic shiitake mushrooms
Organic shiitake mushrooms
In Essig eingelegt
Organic mushrooms
in Essig eingelegt
Fine mushrooms
Wild mushrooms
All points of sale
Pur Südtirol - Roter Hahn
Also delivered to hotels in the area
Location & arrival
in Aldein lies at
1225 metres above sea level.
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