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Hof am Schloss
Quality products from the farm in Prad am Stilfserjoch/Lichtenberg
Fam. Wallnöfer Schlossweg 11
M +39 349 6622920 info@hof-am-schloss.com
Fruchtaufstriche, Speck & Würste, Frischfleisch and Fruchtsirup
The farm
The Wallnöfers are very committed farmers. At 930 m above sea level, you can holiday here all year round and enjoy the farm's own produce. In addition to fruit spreads and syrups made from Vinschgau apricots, the farm shop also sells honey, 'Speck' and sausages from our own production. The fresh meat from the farm's own herd can be ordered in parcels for collection.
In addition, Hof am Schloss under the 'Roter Hahn' brand also offers the following
Familie Wallnöfer
hopes you enjoy the products
mobile +39 349 6622920
Knowing where it's from
The Wallnöfer family produces a large variety of products at the fruit and cattle farm Hof am Schloss. Cattle and pigs are born on the farm and enjoy the outdoors, sun and fresh air. The freedom to move and the farm's own basic feed lead to a very special meat quality. In addition, apricots are grown on the farm, on two different plants. One of them consists of apricot trees that are over 50 years old.
The products from the Hof am Schloss are refined exclusively from the farm's own raw materials. After slaughtering, the meat is released and processed at the farm. From meat parcels to Speck, smoked sausages and farmer's salami, the Wallnöfer family processes their meat with great care. It is traditionally smoked with beech wood and juniper berries.
But the Wallnöfers are also experts when it comes to fruit processing. The Venosta apricot is particularly suitable for this. The intense yellow-orange color and the special taste of the Vinschger apricots are preserved thanks to very gentle cooking and precise temperature control in the electric kettle. The apricots are refined into spreads and syrups.
The Hof am Schloss is a member of the "Roter Hahn" brand with the following products:
Vinschger Marille
Cranberry with pala pear
Quince fruit spread
Speck & Würste
Pork belly
2/3 Rind, 1/3 Schwein
Leg Speck
Shoulder Speck
Neck Speck
'Kaiserteil' (emperor's cut)
2/3 Rind, 1/3 Schwein
Mixed pack of veal
Filet, Roastbeef, Schnitzel, Braten, Ossobuco, Gulasch, Faschiertes, Suppen- und Tellerfleisch
All points of sale
Farmers' market
every thursday in Schlanders
every wednesday in Mals
Pur Südtirol - Roter Hahn
Also delivered to hotels in the area
Location & arrival
  • distance to cycle path
    1 km
  • distance to bus stop
    1 km
Hof am Schloss
in Prad am Stilfserjoch/Lichtenberg lies at
930 metres above sea level.
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