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Alpine Tour: Knieberg

Alpine Tour: Knieberg

Tourist Office
Dolomitenstraße 45
39030 Sexten/Sesto
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General description

The Knieberg juts out a little from the Carnic Ridge extending south-eastwards from the peak of the Helm, offering outstanding views both of the Sexten Dolomites to the south-east and down into the Cadore-Piavetal valley. This trail still bears many traces of the First World War.

description to arrive at destination

You take with the bus o the car the Pass Monte Croce.

Route description

Go by bus to the Kreuzberg saddle and from there on trail no. 131 up to the high moorland (Hochmoorwiesen) and on to the Nemes Alm Alpine farm. Here, against the lovely backdrop of the Sexten Dolomites, are broad areas of Alpine pasture land where horses and cows graze. From the Nemes Alm Alpine farm you head eastwards on a good trail (no. 146) along the northern side of the valley, and finally rather more steeply up to the end of the valley (Dechantmahd, Hirtenhütte hut) and on to the saddle of the Knieberg (2,329 m). Here, a trail branches off to the left to the Obstansersee-Hütte hut and the Carnic Alpine Ridgeway (Karnischer Höhenweg). The trail climbs in easy bends up to the ridge and then in a wide curve over scree around the summit and finally up to the summit from the south, on a slightly exposed trail. There are excellent views from here into the Comelicotal valley. Trail no. 173 takes you down to the Coltrondo Alm Alpine farm, meaning you complete almost a full circuit of the Knieberg. Passing the Lago dei Rospi lake, the trail continues back down to the Kreuzberg Pass, where you can either walk back along the stream to Moso/Moos or catch the bus home.
Alternative: You can drive to the Coltrondo Alm Alpine farm, go up to the Knieberg on trail no. 173 and then return to the Coltrondo Alm on trail no. 159 (a lovely but narrow little trail), to make a circular walk. This circuit is about 2.5 hours shorter than the original tour.
Overall it is an easy and not too tiring hike, highly recommended for people who love getting away from it all.