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Farm handcrafts in Naturns
Fam. Schnitzer Runstgasse 5/A
M +39 348 5628390 pardellhof@rolmail.net
The farm
Above Naturns on the Vinschgau Sonnenberg, at 670 metres above sea level, sits Pardellhof farm run by the Schnitzer family. There have been traces of settlements here stretching back over 1000 years, and Pardellhof has been linked to the name of the Schnitzer family for over 200 years. An inscription from the old panelled parlour dating back to 1767 serves as a reminder of this. Walter Schnitzer works around 3 hectares of fruit trees and half a hectare of sloping vineyard on this soil so steeped in history that enjoys wonderful views across the Vinschgau valley basin. The farm also features a mill, which is not in operation today, and 6 hectares of woodland. This is where the creative farmer finds the material for his unusual figures made from old wood.
Bauer Walter Schnitzer
extends a warm welcome!
We speak German and Italian
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Creativity is the top priority
“The search for a special piece of wood is a fascinating task“, says the farmer, giving insight into his work. It is mainly old chestnut and oak wood that he comes across in the farm forest on the Vinschgau Sonnenberg that inspires him to make new creations. How he achieves the results still remains a secret. “I work with what each piece suggests to me. Inspiration for my ideas usually comes to me while I'm working“, he explains with a grin on his face. This is how a wide variety of decorative items that go well with flowers, candles or fruit come into being.
Each piece is unique
Here you will find unique works of art made of old wood from the range of Walter Schnitzer.
The range
  • Lamps
  • Bowls
  • decorations for indoors and outdoors
  • personalised creations
  • figurines from old wood
Location & arrival
  • distance to cycle path
    1 km
  • distance to bus stop
    800 m
in Naturns lies at
700 metres above sea level.
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