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Meran Spa: an oasis of wellbeing in the middle of Meran
Meran Spa: an oasis of wellbeing in the middle of Meran

Day trip destination

Meran Spa

Meran Spa: an oasis of wellbeing in the middle of Meran

At the heart of the spa town of Meran, the spa offers a world of relaxation for a day. The architecturally interesting building is immersed within the greenery of the spa grounds.

Whether you are relaxing in the sauna, enjoying a massage, swimming in one of the many indoor and outdoor pools or getting fit in the fitness centre, the array of options will suit all guests’ wishes. You can also combine a beauty treatment package as well as brunch or aperitif with a stay at the Spa in Meran.

Multi-faceted spa location

The glass cube housing the spa may be seen majestically glinting in the sun from far off. Meran Spa is easy to reach on foot, by car or with public transport. You can enjoy relaxation, health benefits and a chance to unwind just a stone’s throw from the Old Town. Whether on your own, in a couple, with family or friends, Meran Spa is always worth a trip. The spa site, which has received international prizes, not only has lots of indoor and outdoor pools, but also a varied range of wellness options on offer. Individually-tailored moments of pampering with regional personal care products release tensions, improve your skin or simply have a calming effect. Whether you go for an organic hay wrap sauna, an exfoliation treatment with honey, whey and flower petal salts, a lava stone massage or a fragranced oil relaxation bath, you can treat yourself to an individually-tailored, beneficial beauty programme. Along with the beauty treatment options, there are also inhalations with spa water and therapeutic thermal baths. In the inner area of Meran Spa there are a total of 15 pools, with the spa water pools with gentle radon content, alternating hot and cold pools, saline pools and the whirlpool being especially popular.

Meran Spa: an oasis of wellbeing in the middle of Meran

Spa grounds with fantastic views

In summer, the five-hectare site of the thermal baths, the green lung of Meran, entices visitors to sunbathe and relax. Between Mediterranean trees, palms, rose bushes and surrounded by breathtaking mountains, the lawn features plenty of space for enjoying a day at the spa with all your senses. As well as the variety of pools, there is also a lily pond, an underground steam bath and a waterfall. Eight relaxation lounges provide a secluded atmosphere in the middle of the spa grounds, whereas you can do sports on the beach volleyball court or outdoor training area. A special tip: the Kneipp trail at Meran Spa involved hydrotherapy treatments stretching over four stations – including a cold thigh gush and barefoot trail.


Spa location with history

Meran Spa has been attracting prominent guests to Meran for a long time. It all started in 1836, when a doctor from Meran released a publication about the climactic benefits of Meran. The town soon become famous, and its air, healing waters and local milk were praised for promoting good health. Prominent guests such as Richard Strauss, Rainer Maria Rilke, Empress Sisi and Franz Kafka paid it a visit over the course of the years. First of all, a cold-water healing station was opened, closely followed by elegant hotels, a pump room and, in 1874, the ‘Kurhaus’ spa building, which is a landmark of the town still today.

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Meran Spa

Further information

Terme Merano
Piazza Terme 9
39012 Merano/Meran
Situated in the heart of Meran, Terme Meran is a place of wellbeing and health featuring 25 indoor and outdoor pools, a 2,200 square-metre sauna area, and the thoroughly modern MySpa.
A fitness centre, various culinary spots and changing cultural and musical events at the Terme square round off the offerings.