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Messner Mountain Museum Ripa
Messner Mountain Museum Ripa

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MMM Ripa

Messner Mountain Museum Ripa

From Asia to Africa, from South America to Europe - mankind and its culture is the focus at this, the fifth of the Messner Mountain Museums.

MMM Ripa was created for and about mountain peoples all over the world. The museum's name is Tibetan and comes from 'ri' for mountain and 'pa' for person. MMM Ripa has found the perfect location in Bruneck Castle, sitting atop a hill in the centre of the old town. This castle, built in the 13th century, affords views of the mountains around it. These places are part and expression of living South Tyrolean mountain culture.

Town landmarks

The route to the castle arches around the centre of Bruneck, first leading through old alleyways, and then across an upwardly-sloping meadow until you get to the castle keep. Bruneck Castle may be recognized even from far away in Pustertal. Construction of the castle was commissioned in the 13th century by Bischop Bruno of Brixen, and is said to have marked the beginnings of the later town of Bruneck, which was first mentioned in records shortly after its construction. 100 years later, the castle grounds were extended to include a defensive wall and the site then saw regular additions by successive bishops. This is why a variety of different architectural styles may be seen at the castle: the south gate – the main entrance – comes from the late Gothic period, the living quarters are from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, and the keep dates back to its construction. The decorative paintings in the inner courtyard have also been conserved, while the episcopal state rooms have been well kept and are accessible. Today, it is not home to bishops, and the castle is owned by the Sparkasse Foundation. It has housed MMM Ripa exhibitions since 2011.

Messner Mountain Museum Ripa

Mountain cultures worldwide

Whether Touareg, Massai, Turkmen, Bedouines, Sherpas, Indians, Tibetans, Walser or Burusho people, you can see objects from the lives of more than 20 different mountain folk from all over the world at MMM Ripa. The permanent exhibition, ‘The Heritage of the Mountain’ features an impressive display of the different Alpine cultures, which have been around for many years. There have been mountain dwellers for around 10,000 years, and, still today, they often live off arable and cattle farming. You can better understand their way of life and their respective mountain cultures by gaining insights into their daily routines and immerse yourself in their living environment by means of their homes and architecture. Items from everyday life, religious objects, art, documents and films afford further interesting insights. Despite the cultures being so different, the main thing that they have in common is respect for nature and religion. The topic of mountain tourism is also of increasing relevance to mountain peoples, and they all find their own approach to it. Seeing the opposite mentality to the one found in urban spaces, which finds expression in personal responsibility, the forgoing of consumption and mutual solidarity is equally fascinating.

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MMM Ripa

Further information

Messner Mountain Museum Ripa
Schlossweg / Vicolo Castello 2
39031 Bruneck / Brunico
Operation Schedules
10:00 - 18:00
General description

In this museum, Reinhold Messner deals with the final aspect of the conflict between man and the mountains; the heritage of the mountains and the people who have lived in them since time immemorial.

The fifth Messner Mountain Museum was opened in summer 2011 in Bruneck Castle by the well-known mountaineer Reinhold Messner. There are countless exhibits from everyday life. With the interactive "MMM Mountain Peoples" project, Reinhold Messner aims not to "exhibit" people, but rather to invite them to take part in an exchange of experience with the local rural population.

Every year guests from another mountain region will spend the summer in the Messner Mountain Peoples Museum and talk about their way of life, accompanied by everyday cultural exhibits belonging to different mountain regions and their inhabitants, including the Sherpas, Incas, Tibetans and Mongolians.

Ticket prices:

Adults € 10,00, kids (6 - 14 years) € 4,00, students under 28 years and seniors over 65 years € 8,50, family ticket (kids under 14 years) € 22,00, groups of 15 persons and more € 8,50, school classes (6 - 18 years) € 4,00

description to arrive at destination

By car via the A 22 Brenner Motorway, exit Brixen/Puster Valley; via the main Puster Valley road to Bruneck approx. 28 km or via the main highway from Lienz/Eastern Tyrol.