Fischleintal valley: a gem in the Sexten Dolomites
Fischleintal valley: a gem in the Sexten Dolomites

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Fischleintal valley

Fischleintal valley: a gem in the Sexten Dolomites

Surrounded by the mighty peaks of the Dolomites, Fischleintal valley leads to the heart of the 'Drei Zinnen' Nature Park in the municipality of Sexten in the Upper Pustertal valley.

This valley has something special about it: amidst flowering meadows and dense forest, you will find rustic mountain pastures and the mighty rock faces of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site of the Dolomites to frame the picturesque landscape. Four-and-a-half-kilometre-long Fischleintal valley starts in Moos in the municipality of Sexten, branches off to the south from Sextner Tal valley and leads to the hut at the end of the valley at 1,548 metres above sea level.

Hiking paradise

The valley makes the ideal base for hikes in the Dolomites. The impressive peaks of the 'Sextner Sonnenuhr', or 'Sexten Sundial' mountains move into view in Fischleintal valley: the 'Neuner', 'Zehner' (Rotwand), 'Elfer', 'Zwölfer' and 'Einser' peaks - a group of mountains that you can tell the time on from Moos. The course of the sun coincides exactly with the peaks at the winter solstice. As our ancestors were aware of this all those years ago, they named the mountains after the hours of the day. Of all the highlights that the Upper Pustertal valley has to offer, the 'Drei Zinnen' are number one. If you don't fancy climbing up the three mighty peaks, you at least want to be near them. One of the paths making this possible leads through Fischleintal valley. Behind the hut at the end of the valley, Fischleintal forks off into Bacherntal valley and Altensteintal valley, which leads in the direction of Paternkofel mountain. Having arrived at the top, at about 2,405 metres in altitude, the 'Drei Zinnen' refuges lies in a dip called 'Toblinger Becken' at the foot of the Paternkofel. From here, unforgettable views of the emblems of the Upper Pustertal valley, the 'Drei Zinnen' peaks, may be had.

Fischleintal valley: a gem in the Sexten Dolomites

The larch meadows at Sexten

The start of Fischleintal valley is marked by extensive meadows containing a great number of larch trees. In summer, countless flowers bloom beneath their sparse tops: crocuses, primulas and gentian may be seen in early summer, followed by columbines and arnica, before it is time for the autumn crocuses to bring the flowering season to a close.

A winter wonderland

In winter, it is mostly ski tourers, snow shoe walkers and, of course, cross-country skiers, that feel at home in Fischleintal valley. Nestling in the peaceful landscape of the Nature Park lies Fischleintal cross-country ski trail, comprising around six kilometres. This trail is amongst the trails of the Upper Pustertal valley that is guaranteed the most snow and, thanks to its high altitude, may be used until well into spring.

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Fischleintal valley

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Tourist inforamation Sesto/Sexten
Via Dolomiti/Dolomitistr.45
39030 Sesto/Sexten
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An easy hike through larch woods and the romantic Fischleintal valley, to the very foot of the Einserkofel.

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from Moos/Moso - Hike nr. 1a