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Advent Customs
Advent Customs
‘Klosn’ St. Nicholas Procession
December in Stilfs
An extraordinary St. Nicholas procession

This extraordinary St. Nicholas procession with artistically-designed masks for donkeys plus beautiful and ugly devils (‘schiane ind schiache Tuifl’) has a long tradition.

Bell ringers, mules and devils move through the village

The ‘Klosn' is a custom that is still alive today in Stilfs in the Upper Vinschgau area. Local boys meet on the Saturday before or after St. Nicholas Day (Dec 6) and take on the roles of bell ringers (‘Schellern’), donkeys (‘Eseln’) and devils (‘Tuifln’). Being dressed up as a donkey is the most popular role, and it involves wearing a colourfully-spotted robe with cowbells tied around the chest. The ‘donkey’ is allowed to grab hold of its ‘victims’ quickly and agilely in the commotion of the procession, to drive out the "Klaubaufen" or “Krampusse" demons, who wear homemade, artistically-designed wooden masks and robes covered with long striped rags and skins. The devils are dressed entirely in red or black. The ‘whites’, on the other hand, wear a long white shirt with a red belt and silver hoops; they go as "Ruatntroger", "Katechismustroger", "Liachttroger" and "Köstentroger". Together with "Santa Klos" they form the St. Nicholas group. The first donkey, the one with the biggest bells, leads the procession through the village. Individually or in small groups, the Kloser roam the alleys of the village until the Angelus bell rings.

‘Klosn’ St. Nicholas Procession
When December
Where Stilfs
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