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Simmele Müller Hof
Quality products from the farm in Kastelruth/Seis
Fam. Fill St. Vigil 15
M +39 339 1844687 info@simmelemueller.com
The farm
Simmele Müller Hof farm lies at 820 metres above sea level in a secluded spot amidst meadows and woodland. This is where the orchards containing fruit for the farm's apple juice and vinegar may be found. Daniel, the farmer, explains his winning formula: “Our goal is to combined age-old production methods with innovative, protective processes and produce in a way that is as close to nature as possible“.
In addition, Simmele Müller Hof under the 'Roter Hahn' brand also offers the following
Bauer Daniel
hopes you enjoy the products
mobile +39 339 1844687
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Knowing where it's from
At the Simmele Müller Hof, apples of the Golden and Red Delicious varieties are grown on more than 2 hectares. The orchards are located around the farm in the middle of meadows and forests. Where it is too steep for the apples, the young farmer grows the fruit for his tasty mixed juices.
Golden and Red Delicious growing at 820 m
Thanks to the slimmer crown things are easier after the harvest
All fruit juices are produced directly on the farm. For this purpose, the fruits from less than 300 m radius of the Fill family are pressed and bottled in the farm's processing room.
The Simmele Müller Hof is a member of the "Roter Hahn" brand with the following products:
Redcurrant & mountain apple juice
Mountain apple and blackberry juice
Green Gold mountain apple juice
unreife Äpfel
Apple juice and elderberry
Mountain apple raspberry juice
Blueberry mountain apple juice
Pear mountain apple juice
Mountain apple juice Gold delicious
Golden Delicious
Mountain apple juice red & gold delicious
Golden Delicious, Red Delicious
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Also delivered to hotels in the area
Location & arrival
Simmele Müller Hof
in Kastelruth/Seis lies at
820 metres above sea level.
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