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Quality products from the farm in Gargazon
Fam. Thuile Bahnhofstraße 23
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The farm
Surrounded by orchards, Sandwiesen Hof has been producing various apple ciders since 2011. Farmer Peter has brought the passion and expertise for cider production from his professional career. The cider variations are characterised by their lightness, harmony and fruitiness. With no residual sugar and a low alcohol content, they make for a very special taste experience.
In addition, Sandwiesen-Hof under the 'Roter Hahn' brand also offers the following
Familie Magdalena und Peter
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Knowing where it's from
The Sandwiesen farm is surrounded by its own apple orchards. Here in Gargazon, Granny Smith, Fuji and Braeburn apple varieties are grown according to integrated guidelines. Care is taken to maintain the natural balance, to promote beneficial organisms through ecological measures and to protect water, soil and air.
The cider made from 3 apple varieties is fermented into cider in the bottle and turns sparkling in the bottle. The end product is characterised by a fine perlage, low alcohol content and no residual sugar. The elderberry apple cider uses the farm's own elderberry syrup instead of sugar for the bottle fermentation.
On the rack, yeast residues that shoot out of the bottle after disgorgement slip into the bottle necks
Afterwards it can be labelled and sold
Sandwiesen Hof is a member of the 'Roter Hahn' brand with the following products:
Apple cider
0% Zucker, Braeburn, Granny, Fuji
Elderberry apple cuvée
0% Zucker, Braeburn, Granny, Fuji, Holunder
Apple cuvée
0% Zucker, Braeburn, Granny, Fuji
All points of sale
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Also delivered to hotels in the area
Location & arrival
in Gargazon lies at
300 metres above sea level.
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