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Quality products from the farm in Vöran
Fam. AinhauserLeadner-Alm-Weg 6
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Frischfleisch and Freilandeier
The farm
At Noafhof farm, animal welfare is very important. This is why the farmers Brigitte and Markus have decided to keep laying hens in a mobile farm set-up. Organic broiler hens as well as laying hens can enjoy the fresh grass of the meadow. "Our slow-growing chickens are really tasty", explains Markus, the farmer. Stewing hens and potatoes are also available on the organic farm (in autumn).
Bäuerin Brigitte Ainhauser
hopes you enjoy the products
mobile +39 348 8276737
Knowing where it's from
The Noafhof keeps chickens of the dual-purpose breed "Les Bleues" in a mobile chicken coop, which offers the best conditions for stress-free eating, pecking and scratching. During the day the animals have unrestricted access to the outside. The laying hens become tasty soup chickens, their brothers become tasty roast chickens. Only organic and GMO-free certified feed is used, so that they produce both organic pasture eggs and meat of the best quality.
Gefüttert werden sie mit Bio-Futter
Die Legehennen werden zu Suppenhühner
Beste Voraussetzungen zum stressfreien Fressen, Picken und Scharren
Sie erfreuen sich über frische Weide
The freshly laid eggs are collected from the nests daily and classified, stamped and packed in the egg packing room. Only grade A eggs are permitted. In order to close the natural cycle on the farm, the grazing hens are processed into soup chickens and the broilers into roast chickens in the processing room.
Sie werden auf Schäden geprüft und nach Gewicht sortiert
Dieser informiert über Herkunft, Erzeuger und Haltung
Abgepackt in halbe und ganze Brathühner
The Noafhof is a member of the "Roter Hahn" brand with the following products:
Organic roast chicken
Free range eggs
Hühner Les Bleus
All points of sale
Also delivered to hotels in the area
Location & arrival
in Vöran lies at
1500 metres above sea level.
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