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Quality products from the farm in Barbian
Fam. Gafriller Dreikirchen 8
T +39 347 1740775 messnerhof@rolmail.net
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The farm
Messnerhof farm lies in an idyllic spot in a traffic-calmed area right next to the 'Dreikirchen' chapels from the early gothic period. The Gafriller family has been running the organic farm and its eatery for several generations. "Ecological meat production and its processing into tasty dishes is very important to me," stresses Lukas Gafriller, farmer and trained cook.
Bauer Gottfried
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Telephone +39 347 1740775
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Knowing where it's from
At the Messnerhof, the cattle are kept in a free range barn with unrestricted access to the outside. The calves are born on the farm and are allowed to stay with their mothers. They spend the summer on the alp. The best conditions for high-quality meat production. Most of the vegetables used for the goulash and ragout also come from the Messnerhof.
Beste Bedingungen für die Rinder am Messnerhof
The meat for the homemade products comes from cattle raised on the farm. Farmer Gottfried and his son Lukas, both trained cooks, process the farm's own organic meat and use it to prepare the delicious ragout, goulash and beef roulade. They do without any additives such as artificial flavor enhancers.
Das Fleisch wird verzehrfertig zubereitet und eingelegt
The Messnerhof is a member of the "Roter Hahn" brand with the following products:
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Beef roulade
Beef ragu
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Also delivered to hotels in the area
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in Barbian lies at
1120 metres above sea level.
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