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Quality products from the farm in Lüsen
Fam. Hinteregger Lüsner Alm
T +39 0472 413714 info@kreuzwiesenalm.com
Käse & Milchprodukte
The farm
A mountain spectre used to run free on Lüsner Alm pasture (1,925 m) and bother the mowers and rakers, who proceeded to make a cross with their scythes and rakes and scare it away. This is how the pasture received the name ‘Kreuzwiesenalm‘. Nowadays it is Johannes, the farmer’s son, who has a surprise in store for visitors to the pasture. In summer he makes tasty mountain pasture cheese, on sale all year round, in the cheese dairy.
Bauer Johannes Hinteregger
hopes you enjoy the products
Telephone +39 0472 413714
mobile +39 333 7484880
On sale at farm
Knowing where it's from
The basis of the delicious alpine cheeses is the daily fresh Alpine milk from the farm's own cows. During the winter they are kept in a pen at the court in Lüsen. They spend the summer on the beautifully situated Alpine meadows around the Kreuzwiesenalm. The Alpine milk and the resulting products therefore also contain valuable nutrients, such as healthy omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, the milk of the Braunvieh cows is very wholesome and easy to digest.
Das Grauvieh folgt Bauer Johannes auf Schritt und Tritt
Die Milch gibt dem Käse einen charakteristischen Geschmack
Frisches Gras in bester Atmosphäre
The cheese specialties of the Kreuzwiesenalm are made exclusively from the farm's own raw milk. The manual care is carried out without chemical additives and the loaves mature on solid mountain spruce boards in the natural cellar, without any artificial air conditioning.
Bauer Johannes hat die Expertise dazu
Dies erfordert großen Fleiß und Geschick
Der Graukäse mit einer einzigartigen Form
The Kreuzwiesenalm is a member of the "Roter Hahn" brand with the following products:
Käse & Milchprodukte
Zirm alpine cheese
Tyrolean grey cheese 'Graukäse'
Lissna Alpine cheese
Lissna mountain cheese
All points of sale
Also delivered to hotels in the area
Location & arrival
in Lüsen lies at
1925 metres above sea level.
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