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Quality products from the farm in Gsieser Tal/Pichl
Fam. Marchesini Puregg 16
M +39 349 8355749 info@hintnerhof.com
The farm
Hinternhof organic farm is set in an idyllic spot in pretty Gsieser Tal vally. "Our chickens live in a mobile barn and can enjoy fresh air and sun every day as well as fresh grass in summer. You can tell the difference in the taste of our organic free-range eggs", explains Christian, the farmer. Stewing hens are also availabe on request.
Familie Marchesini
hopes you enjoy the products
mobile +39 349 8355749
Knowing where it's from
Around 600 chickens are kept in 2 mobile stalls at the Hintnerhof. This means the coop moves every few weeks so the hens always have access to fresh grass in the summer. Furthermore, the Marchesini family keeps dual-purpose chickens out of conviction. Both the eggs and the meat of the animals are used. After their active time as laying hens, they are used as soup hens. In addition, the male chicks are also reared with these chickens.
Am Hof leben Hühner mit dem klingenden Namen "Les Bleues"
Als Zweinutzungsrasse sind sie Legehennen sowie Suppenhühner
Each egg is washed and carefully inspected for damage before being sorted and tagged with the egg code. The eggs are then packed in boxes of six.
Jeden Tag werden Eier ausgenommen,
dann auf Schäden und Gewicht kontrolliert, gestempelt und verpackt
The Hintnerhof is a member of the "Roter Hahn" brand with the following product:
Free-range eggs
Hühner Les Bleus
All points of sale
Also delivered to hotels in the area
Location & arrival
in Gsieser Tal/Pichl lies at
1260 metres above sea level.
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