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Quality products from the farm in Ulten/St. Nikolaus
Fam. Trafoier Egg 76
M +39 338 1186876 trafoierwerner@gmail.com
The farm
Egghof is located at an altitude of 1,320 m and has been owned by the Trafoier family for generations. With much love and care hay milk, herbal syrups and free-range eggs are producted. The surrounding meadows are the realm of free-living chickens, whose feed comes from controlled GM-free cultivation. At night, the chickens retreat in the barn, where they Then lay their eggs relaxed at sunrise.
Bauer Werner
hopes you enjoy the products
mobile +39 338 1186876
On sale at farm
Knowing where it's from
The chickens at the Egghof enjoy freedom to roam, numerous hiding and scratching opportunities around the farm and purely plant-based feed. For days when the weather is bad, farmer Werner has provided a special conservatory for his chickens so that they can always get fresh air, herbs, seeds and insects outdoors.
Although protected from the elements, the chickens can still soak up the sun
The Egghof's free-range eggs meet all the requirements of quality class A and are carefully cleaned and packed by the Trafoier family.
He inspects them for damage, then sorts, stamps and packs them.
The Egghof is a member of the "Roter Hahn" brand with the following product:
Free range eggs
All points of sale
Hotels and restaurants
Also delivered to hotels in the area
Location & arrival
in Ulten/St. Nikolaus lies at
1320 metres above sea level.
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