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Quality products from the farm in St. Lorenzen
Fam. Knapp Zur Bachwiese 15
T +39 0474 474333 info@ausluger.com
The farm
The 'Ausluger' farmhouse can be found between St. Martin/S. Martino and Stefansdorf/S. Stefano in the St. Lorenzen/S. Lorenzo di Sebato district. Free-range hens have been kept at Ausluger farm since 1999. Eggs can be bought at a self-service shop at any time of day. Eggs can also be bought in bulk.
Bauer Joachim Knapp
hopes you enjoy the products
Telephone +39 0474 474333
Self service
Knowing where it's from
The Ausluger has two permanent stables. Directly in front of it there is enough space for the hens to run around. If there is too much snow in winter, the chickens can let off steam on the generously covered sandy areas.
Every chicken has plenty of open space
Organic and non-GM feeding is guaranteed
Each individual egg is cleaned, stamped and inspected for possible small cracks before packing. Only flawless eggs are packed.
Each egg is checked for damage and sorted
The Ausluger Hof is a member of the "Roter Hahn" brand with the following product:
Free-range eggs
All points of sale
Farm shop
Self service
Also delivered to hotels in the area
Location & arrival
in St. Lorenzen lies at
1000 metres above sea level.
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