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La Villa

La Villa

Winter hike through the farmland of Alta Badia

Winter hike through the farmland of Alta Badia

La Villa Tourist Office
Str. Colz 75
39036 La Villa
General description

This easy circular hike between La Villa and Badia goes just a short distance along the floor of the valley, partly through meadows, partly through woodland, from farm to farm, with little variation in altitude and lovely views of the beautiful "viles" of Alta Badia.

The "viles" are settlements that were built in the form of a circle so that each settlement was surrounded by its farmland.

Route description

From the bus stop first follow the sign “Tru dles viles - Badia" eastwards down to the Gran Ega stream, and then left over the bridge and up to the hamlet of Cianins. Continue north past the Craciurara and Fistí farms and then along an asphalt road which climbs gently up to a fork in the road. From here you bear right to the hamlets of Sotrú and Oies, the birthplace of St. Josef Freinademetz.

In Oies, a guided tour of the ancient birthplace and adjacent church is highly recommended. Continuing uphill and in the same direction, you come to the hamlets of Frëinademez and Rainé.

A gentle downhill section then leads through a small wood before you reach a crossroads. Keeping to the left, carry on past the Alfarëi, Ruac, Fussé and Coz farms to San Linert/Badia (walking time: approx. 1 hour 30 minutes). You can shorten the hike here and go to the bus stop in Pedraces/Badia, or you can turn up to the left just after the church. Then you walk to the right, southwards, through meadows and pasture land past the hamlet of Anví until you come to a junction.
Here you turn right and continue through woodland and fields to the Adang farm. Here you head left, southwards, along the stream to Altin and then up to the right to the bus stop in La Villa.

description to arrive at destination

Follow the SS244 Val Badia road towards La Villa.

Public transport

Getting to the starting point of the tour or point of interest by public transport is easy and convenient.