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Winter Hike: Moos - Kreuzbergpass- Coltrondo Alm

Winter Hike: Moos - Kreuzbergpass- Coltrondo Alm

Tourist Office from Sexten/Sesto
Dolomitenstraße 45
39030 Sexten/Sesto
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Moos - Kreuzbergpass- Coltrondo Alm - Winter

General description

From Moos/Moso with the bus or walking to the Passo Monte Croce. Here we take the way nr. 131 on the left side at the hotel, which goes upwards to a crossing. Now we take the right way nr. 149 to the Coltrondo alp. Up- and downwards and passing the Lago dei Rospi we reach a street and soon the alp hut situated in a very nice position. It is a very nice and warm hut with excellent food. If you want you can turn back the same way or continuing (aprox. 45 m) on the way nr. 156 to the Nemes Alp also nice situated with a wonderful view to the Meridian of Sesto. From here we turn back on way nr. 131 to the Passo Monte Croce or on way nr. 13 to Moos/Moso. Summary: a good alp-round-tour with nice huts and lookouts in a snowy landscape.