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Völs am Schlern

Völs am Schlern

The Witches' Springs in Saltria

The Witches' Springs in Saltria

Seiser Alm Marketing
Dorfstr. 15
39040 Völs am Schlern
Operation Schedules
Valley station of the Seiser Alm Cable Car.
General description

Along this sensory adventure trail, you can play, track animals and have endless fun in the countryside. And if you want, you can walk at least a part of the trail barefoot to make it all the more magical and fun. Are you excited?

This hiking tour can be found in the family hiking booklet “Out and About with Nix the Witch”.

Route description
Take the Seiser Alm cable car to Compatsch and from there take bus no. 11 to Saltria. From here you have to walk to the Tirler mountain hut. Take your shoes off and… off you go! The adventure path will prick all your senses: smell, touch, sound, sight, taste, sensing the energy surrounding you and relaxing to the fullest. The loop trail takes you through the legendary „Bosch Curasoa” forest and passes by adventurous stations along the way. The little witch Curadina and her owl will show you the way from station to station. As you walk along woody clearings and swampy lands, you will also pass by healing sulphur springs and carved statues.

Refreshment stop along the hiking trail. Not pram-friendly.

description to arrive at destination

The road to the landscape conservation area Seiser Alm is closed to private traffic from 9.00am to 5.00pm. During this time you can get to the Seiser Alm by the Seiser Alm cable car from Siusi or by bus from Kastelruth. You can get from Compatsch to Saltria with the bus nr. 11 or by foot (5km).
You can descend from Compatsch at any time.

Public transport

The starting point of the tour or the sight is easily and comfortably accessible by public transport.:

Bus n. 1 from Seis am Schlern, n. 2 from Völs am Schlern, n. 3 from Kastelruth or by bus line no. 170 from Bozen Bus Station or Brixen Bus Station to the bus stop of the Seis-Seiser Alm Aerial Cableway at Seis.