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The three Holy Wells

The three Holy Wells

Ortles Holiday Region
Via Principale/Haupstraße 23
39029 Solda/Sulden

In order to get to the three Holy Wells, the parking area in front of the the three Holy Wells is the most suitable. From there it is approx. a 5 min. walk to the place of pilgrimage. There are also parking lots (number 2 and 3) in Trafoi village from where you can walk to the pilgrimage (about 3 km distance).


Public transport

Those who don't want to travel to Trafoi by private car have the possibility to use public transport. With the bus line 270, you can get from Prato allo Stelvio/Spondigna to Trafoi in about half an hour. The bus stop is right next to the Hotel Bella Vista. From there is it approx. a 40 min walk to the chapel.

Author's tip
See the old wooden hut where you will find the Three Holy Wells in it.
description to arrive at destination

From Spondigna/Spondinig via the street to the Stelvio Pass SS 38 to Trafoi. This peaceful pilgrimage site lies approximately three kilometers from the village of Trafoi and is a worthwhile destination for summer and winter excursions.

General description

Located at the foot of King Ortles, the church of the three Holy Wells in Trafoi tells a special story: In the 13th century, the shepherd Moritz saw three little streams break from the rocks in the spot where the chapel now stands. Each of the streams carried a cross. The shepherd was able to grab two of them, but the third was washed away. When the little church was erected in the 15th century, the site became a place of pilgrimage and the healing powers of the holy wells are still spoken of today.