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The old parish Church of Scena/Schenna

The old parish Church of Scena/Schenna

The old parish Church
Alla Chiesa
39017 Scena/Schenna
Operation Schedules
08:00 - 19:00
General description

During the 12th and 13th Centuries, this church was rebuilt in Roman style and again fully redesigned during the 16th Century. Since then, little has been changed. The Baroque high altar with the statues of Saint Franz Xaver and Johann Nepomuk was built around 1730 and redesigned in 1819. Apart from the four altars in the church, there are a number of valuable individual sculptures such as the late-Gothic Saint Sebastian and the Baroque Saint John the Baptist. The cross stations originate from the middle of the 18th Century. During the restoration work carried out in 1975, some beautiful old frescoes were discovered and the statues were skilfully restored. John’s chapel, which was extended toward the South-East, brought to light some very well kept frescoes from the 14th Century. These were found during the renovation work of the 80s. The frescoes show scenes from the legends about John and Pankraz, as well as the wise and the foolish virgins, the evangelists, angel choirs and other pictures of saints. Since the completion of the new parish church in 1931, it has been used for another purpose, rather than its originally intended goal. It has served as a store room and a practice room for the choir. In March 1981, the church was reopened and once more consecrated. Today, it offers a great framework for religious services and devotions in small circles and weddings. Just across the road, in the sexton’s house, there is a marble relief as part of a wall, which shows the coronation of Mary, which was created during the 14th Century.

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From Merano direction Scena/Schenna center.