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Völs am Schlern

Völs am Schlern

The mushroom path in the Laranz forest

The mushroom path in the Laranz forest

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Dorfstr. 15
39050 Völs am Schlern
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General description

The leisurely hike through the Laranz forest makes every hiker’s wishes come true: fresh forest air, a panoramic platform, mushrooms carved from tree trunks and a view fit for a king.

This hiking tour can be found in the family hiking booklet “Out and About with Nix the Witch”.

Sports field Laranz
description to arrive at destination

Telfen and the sports field Laranz is located between Seis and Kastelruth. Possibility of parking at the Laranz sports centre.

Public transport

Telfen is easily and comfortably accessible by public transport:

By the shuttle buses no. 3 and no. 3A or with the interurban buses no. 170, no. 172 and no. 177.
Bus service and timetables

From there you have to go by foot to the sports field Laranz, where the hike starts.
Route description
The set-off point for this hike is the sports field Laranz (between Seis and Kastelruth). At the sports field, turn left into the forest, where the hiking trail with the sign„Plizeweg“ (mushroom trail) turns right.
Along the nature adventure trail you will meet death cap, boletus, chanterelle, fly agaric and a wealth of other mushrooms in the form of carved tree trunks. All these mushrooms grow in the Laranz forest. At the highest point of the route, a wooden viewing platform boasts beautiful views over the area.
After the short loop trail, the hike continues onwards to the “Königswarte”– the “King’s Vantage Point.” This special look-out spot was named after King Frederick Augustus of Saxony, who loved to come here and enjoy the views during his stays in Seis. The path leads onwards in gentle ups-and-downs through the pine forest and back to the set-off point.

No refreshment stop along the hiking trail. Not pram-friendly.