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Technology Monument Monte San Vigilio

Technology Monument Monte San Vigilio

Kuratorium für Technische Kulturgüter
Lauben 71
39100 Bozen/Bolzano

31 August 2012 marked exactly one hundred years since the Mount Vigiljoch cable car made its maiden voyage, the world's third suspended cable car approved for passengers. To mark this anniversary and beyond the cable car monument remembers this technological breakthrough.

In Lana, at the roundabout of Meranerstrasse / Ultnerstrasse streets, looking down to the station towards the valley, one of the decommissioned cabins of the Monte S. Vigilio cable car, still functioning today according to the latest safety standards, serves as an all-around visible eye-catcher.

The Lana Monte S. Vigilio Cable Car

As the world's third suspended cable car approved for passengers, in 1912 the cable car on Monte S. Vigilio made history. Today, rebuilt according to modern safety standards, the cable car is a technical monument of national importance.

Since the company of the Monte S. Vigilio cable car tried already in 1912 to attain a refined artistic impression, it proclaimed Gustav Birkenstaedt as the artistic consultant to the company, which included, beyond the cable car, also the planned “high colony” (Höhenkolonie). As a result, Birkenstaedt developed the plans for the mountain hotel located near the mountain station and for a holiday house model that proved influential for the emerging residential area.

In 2008 the cable car once again underwent a general refurbishment. New cabins allow passenger transportation today without accompaniment in the cabin, and a video surveillance system ensures maximum safety. The journey from Lana to Monte S. Vigilio (1,486 m above sea level) takes 8 minutes.