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Stoanerne Mandln/Ometti di pietra

Stoanerne Mandln/Ometti di pietra

Tourist office Mölten
Möltnerstraße 1
39010 Mölten
Operation Schedules
00:00 - 00:00
Parking Schermoos
General description

Every day, you can climb another summit. You will definitely have to hike up the legendary Alpine rage on the "Hohen Reisch" if you want to be called a friend of South Tyrol. It is one of the most beautiful views of the Sarntal Alps, from where you can see the entire Dolomite group, as well as the Marmolata and the Ortler mountains. Even if the weather should not turn out good, a hiking trip to the "Stanernen Mandln" (stone men) is extrenely fascinating. There are more than one hundred, which have been built over time, and most of them are of an impressive height. They are like a group of soldiers.

Here, at an altitude of 2,000 meters, they say that more than 500 years ago, witches have performed their dances and celebrations with the Devil. There are terrible stories around, which talk about what happened during a thunderstorm and also about the eating of children etc. A legal document from 1540 states that Barbara Pachler was accused of meeting with devils and witches and the document is used to support the old stories. Ancient signs seem to prove that the outlook was used as a Celtic place about thousands of years ago.

Public transport
Line 204: Bozen-Terlan-Mölten-Vöran-Hafling
Line 204: Mölten-Jenesien-Afing
description to arrive at destination

Starting from the parking area Schermoos you take the hiking trail no. 4 until you reach the Möltner Kaser. From there you either reach the Stoanernen Mandln by taking the direct, but steep route, which is no. 23 A or you simply take the easier and longer way by following the hiking trail no. 4 until the Auenjoch, then take the trail no. 23 and 23 C to come to the Stoanernen Mandln.