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Völs am Schlern

Völs am Schlern

Spitzbühl loop-route

Spitzbühl loop-route

Seiser Alm Marketing
Dorfstr. 15
39040 Völs am Schlern
Public transport

The starting point of the tour or the sight is easily and comfortably accessible by public transport:

Bus n. 1 from Seis am Schlern, n. 2 from Völs am Schlern, n. 3 from Kastelruth or by bus line no. 170 from Bozen Bus Station or Brixen Bus Station to the bus stop of the Seis-Seiser Alm Aerial Cableway at Seis.

Route description

From the Spitzbühl car park, the walk leads up to the Spitzbühl hut, where the views sweep over to the Schlern mountain, so close you could practically touch it, with the Santner and Euringer peaks. The walk leads over vast Alpine meadows and on to the Laurin hut. The return trip leads past the Panorama chair lift mountain station to Compatsch and back to the Spitzbühl car park.

(also recommended in the opposite direction, beginning in Compatsch)

description to arrive at destination

The start and end point of this tour is the Spitzbühl valley station on the Seiser Alm. It is located beneath Compatsch. Take the hiking trail nr. 4 (going downhill) to get there. To get to Compatsch, take the Seiser Alm cable car or bus line 10 from Seis am Schlern via Kastelruth. If you take the bus, you can get off at the "Frommer"-station. Parking facilities are available at the valley station of the Seiser Alm cable car.

The road to the landscape conservation area Seiser Alm is closed to private traffic from 9.00am to 5.00pm. During this time you can get to the Seiser Alm by the Seiser Alm cable car from Seis or by bus from Kastelruth. You can descend from Compatsch at any time.

Seiser Alm cable car

Bus service and timetables

General description

A pleasant walk to relax and simply enjoy life. This route offers  a breathtaking view of the Schlern/Sciliar mountain, almost within hand’s reach from the Spitzbühl mountain hut, and leads onwards over endless snow-blanketed Alpine meadows back to the starting point.