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Völs am Schlern

Völs am Schlern

Snowshoe hike across the Bärenfalle

Snowshoe hike across the Bärenfalle

Seiser Alm Marketing
Dorfstr. 15
39050 Völs am Schlern
Route description

The trail upwards begins in Weißlahnbad and leads you through a pine wood to the Bärenfalle. The route is often free of snow and for the most part can be walked without snowshoes. The route leads steeply uphill between the rocky walls and up to the Tschafatschsattel. After you leave the gully, the view opens out onto the high plateau of the Schlern and the Rosengarten Group. Keep going, on snowshoes, to the Sesselschwaige Mountain Hut and from there along a log trail through the Schlernschlucht gorge down to the Peter Frag wayside cross. The trail veers off to the left firstly along trail no. 7 and then trail no. 4-4A back to your set-off point.

description to arrive at destination
With the bus or car to Weißlahnbad
Public transport

The starting point of the tour or the sight is easily and comfortably accessible by public transport:

By bus line 176 from Völs am Schlern to St. Zyprian, Weisslahnbad or by bus line 185 from Bozen bus station to St. Zyprian.

General description

This is a particularly long and demanding tour, and requires sure-footedness.