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Ski Tour auf den Mutenock

Ski Tour auf den Mutenock

Tourist Association Chienes/Kiens
Via Chienes 4 b
39030 Chienes/Kiens
description to arrive at destination

From Chienes/Kiens, drive up to the hamlet Masi/Hofern and past the Waldruhe Hotel. Take a right following the signs to the Moarhofalm inn and the Gelenke car park (4.7 km on a narrow mountain road), where you can leave your car.

General description

The Fundres/Pfunders massif offers a wide range of hiking options with anything from soft-rolling hills to steep slopes leading up to craggy peaks. Gorgeous excursions for both summer-time hikers and winter sports fans – all topped off by breath-taking 360° panoramic views.

Route description

From the car park, hike past the signs on the right and uphill through the forest until you reach the sledging track (1730 m) leading to the Moarhofalm inn. At the nearby crossing, take a left and continue along the forest road (towards Pichler-Berg and Kaltwassertal-Alm) all the way to the edge of the forest just above the Moarhofalm inn, where the road ends. Take the short, steep slope up to the broad basin near the Pichler-Berg inn (2080 m) and head north continuing straight ahead across the ample landscapes (heading west would take you up to Giogio-Amjoch). Then hike up the two short slopes and into the dip to the east of Monte Mutta-Mutenock. At 2295 m, head west and cross the broad ridge (south of another large dip) towards the peak. Hike up the steep, wide ridge on the eastern face of Monte Mutta-Mutenock to get to the peak. To return, ski down the same route or take a short detour exploring the extensive slopes beneath the peak.