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Peter Mitterhofer house and grave stone

Peter Mitterhofer house and grave stone

Tourist information Parcines, Rablà e Tel
Via Spauregg 10
39020 Partschins/Parcines
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The house of Peter Mitterhofer is first mentioned as the Zimmerhaus im Obergarten in a document dating to 1431. Peter Mitterhofer (1822-1893) lived in the house for 31 years and developed six typewriter models in his workshop there; the first of these prototypes was also the earliest of its kind, in 1864. It is known that Peter Mitterhofer designed six different typewriter models during the period between 1864 and 1869. The first model (1864, The Unsuccessful) is housed today at the Technical Museum of Industry and Commerce in Vienna. The second model was discovered accidentally in 1911 hidden in a secret compartment in the attic of Peter Mitterhofer’s house in Partschins/Parcines. The third model remains missing to this day – although Peter Mitterhofer travelled with it from Partschins/Parcines to Vienna on foot in 1866. The fourth model (the Meran model) was created in 1866, with the help of better financial resources after his return from Vienna. This model is on display at the Palais Mamming City Museum in Meran/Merano. Peter Mitterhofer completed his fifth typewriter prototype in 1869 (the Wien model). It was his intention to build a perfectly functioning typewriter. For this model he would need much more time than he had been promised in his subsidy request of 1866 in Vienna.

He made the journey from Partschins/Parcines to Vienna on foot for the second time in December 1869. There is evidence that Peter Mitterhofer received 150 guilders from the Emperor Franz Joseph I for his Meran model. This typewriter passed into the collection of the Polytechnic, where it faded into obscurity. On June 21, 1910, a typewriter labeled as old typewriter of unknown origin, allegedly Austrian was delivered to the Technical Museum in Vienna along with many other items.

The evidence that the model was connected with Peter Mitterhofer is provided by a letter from Peter Mitterhofer to Franz Ferdinand Goldegg zu Lindenburg (1798-1878). The character of the font and a close comparison of the lettering in this typewritten letter leave no doubt as to this analysis.

The interiors of the residence are not open to the public. The inventor’s grave and memorial stone are located in the old cemetery at the east wall of the Pfarrkirche Partschins parish church.

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Peter Mitterhofer house is located in the street named after him in Partschins/Parcines.

Parking is available at the church (next to the typewriter museum), and the parking area, the bus terminal point (parking 1 hour parking disc, underground parking max. 8 hours)