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St. Leonhard in Passeier/S. Leonardo in Passiria

St. Leonhard in Passeier/S. Leonardo in Passiria

Passeier High Mountain Trail (Passeirer Höhenweg)

Passeier High Mountain Trail (Passeirer Höhenweg)

Tourist Office Passeiertal Valley
Passeirer Straße 40
39015 St. Leonhard in Passeier/S. Leonardo in Passiria
Operation Schedules
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From Meran/Merano to the Passeiertal Valley in direction of the Jaufenpass Mountain Pass until the "Römerkehre" (last u-turn before the Jaufenpass Mountain Pass).

Route description

From the Römerkehre (the highest bend on the Jaufenstraße road facing the Passeirtal valley), follow the (westward) path along a relatively constant incline to the Flecknerhütte mountain hut (12a). From there, continue (westwards) across the steep mountain pastures beneath the main ridge. Ascend to the Glaitner Joch (12a) and Glaitner Hochjoch (12) ridges, which are relatively close to one other.  

 Descend from the Glaitner Hochjoch to the Schloter Joch, and then head (northwest) up a hill past the ‘Kuhlacke’ to the Scheibelesee and Übelsee (12) mountain lakes. 

 From the Übelsee lake, descend (southwest) along trail #15 (15b), and then continue (westward) along the flat Passeiertal Valley High Mountail trail, which leads to the Hochalm mountain pasture (15) in the valley. From there proceed further downhill to the Egger-Grub Alm mountain hut (14, 26). 

Take the path (southwest) through the green meadows to the edge of the forest and then follow the wide path as it joins the road from Stuls/Stulles to the Stuller Mahdern meadows. Pass over the meadows and woodland to reach the Hochegg farmstead, before heading (eastwards) to Stuls (14).

Source: Passeiertal Valley Hiking Guide – Heinz Widmann http://passeier.org 

General description

The starting point for this hike is the bus stop at Römerkehre (last bend before the Jaufen Pass, 1,900 m). The trail (no. 12A) ascends gently to the Flecknerhütte mountain hut (2,100 m) and then there is a nice footpath below the ridgeback to the Glaitner Joch ridge (2,249 m) continuing up towards the Glaitner Hochjoch ridge (2,390 m), the highest point of the hike. The hike directly along the ridge to the Schloter Joch ridge (2,264 m) provides a magnificent view. From the Schloter Joch (also called Schlattacher Joch), a quick diversion to the idyllically situated Übelsee lake is worthwhile. You then continue along trail no. 15 to the high-Alpine pasture, across mountain meadows to the mountain hut Egger-Grub-Alm below and then further downhill, partially on a road, partially on a footpath through forest and across meadows to Stulles/Stuls. Hikers who are pressed for time can descend before the high-Alpine pasture via trail no. 15A to Stulles.