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Steinhaus/Ahrntal valley

Steinhaus/Ahrntal valley

Mountain tour to Schönberg near St. Jakob/San Giacomo

Mountain tour to Schönberg near St. Jakob/San Giacomo

Tourist Information Ahrntal valley
Klausbergstr. 97
39030 Steinhaus/Ahrntal valley
Operation Schedules
description to arrive at destination

Bruneck/Brunico - St. Jakob/San Giacomo 32 km

Route description

For Schönberg Peak you start on the orographic left side of the valley of St. Jakob near the Garber bus stop (1134 m). First go into the valley and then turn right following trail nr. 7 into Bärental. At the Matzeler hut (1620 m) you stay on trail nr. 7 heading towards Barental Alm where you soon come to a branchoff, which after going left on route 7 leads to Schoenberg (1936 m). The way back is the same as the way there. Tip for good walkers: more challenging is its higher sister Schönberg peak (2472 m); requirement being that you don’t get dizzy and are sure-footed. To get to this peak, you follow the path to the Barental Alm (1874 m. snack bar) and further into the valley until the path takes you over steep, rocky terrain leading to the summit. The panoramic view to the sunny side of the Zillertal Alps is magnificent. On the way back you can take a detour via the Hochfeld Alm (1837 m snack bar) and return to where you started; extra time needed 3 - 4 hours.

General description

There is hardly an alpine valley that has so many “beautiful” mountains not only in their shape but also by name (schön meaning beautiful). In addition to the Schönberg mountain in Weißenbach there is the Schönberg Peak in St. Jakob and almost opposite it on the other side of the valley there is the Schönberg Albl (pasture): and so it is that “beauties” abound!