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Monte di Villandro/Villanderer Berg

Monte di Villandro/Villanderer Berg

Tourist information Villandro/Villanders
Vicolo F.-v.-Defregger / F.-v.-Defregger 6
39040 Villandro/Villanders
Route description

The starting point for this hike is Gasserhütte mountain hut at 1,744 m, which is accessible by car from Villandro (Villanders). After this point, the road is closed for traffic. Follow the signposted trail to Totenkirchl (marked No. 6) up to Moar in Plun Hütte (tavern). As the trail widens, it turns into a Via Crucis, and goes on to Pfrodner Alm (basic tavern) and eventually up to the little chapel called Totenkirchl (2,186 m; hiking time to this point is about 1 1/2 hours). On the left, the trail runs almost flat to Totensee, a little lake (2,208 m). From there, follow the marked trail up grassy slopes and steeply up the eastern ridge of the mountain, until you reach the cross at the main peak (2,509 m; roughly 1 hour of hiking time from the lake). Descend from the peak on the eastern side of the mountain until you reach a wayside shrine that is clearly visible. From there, take Trail No. 1 down the hill until you meet Trail No. 6 again, which will take you back to the starting point.

General description

This hike takes you past Totenkirchl Chapel and picturesque Totensee Lake to the peaks of Villandro (Villanderer) Mountain.

description to arrive at destination

From Chiusa to Villandro, following right on the road to Alpe di Villandro since the parking area "Saltnerstein" (Malga Gasser).