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Hydro-Electricity Station Töll/Tel

Hydro-Electricity Station Töll/Tel

Tourist information Partschins/Parcines
Spaureggstraße/Via Spauregg 10
39020 Partschins/Parcines
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General description

The hydroelectric plant in Töll/Tel was the first large power plant in South Tyrol, built on the initiative of the Mayor of Meran/Merano and Bozen/Bolzano and designed by the Munich engineer Oscar von Miller in 1897; it was connected to the power grid on April 5, 1898. On the site was formerly located the sawmill belonging to the father of the most famous citizen of Partschins/Parcines, Peter Mitterhofer, inventor of the typewriter. The waters from the Etsch river pass through a 16 m long weir at the level of Tel, making it a unique contemporary historical monument. The water enters the surge tank, which is situated at an elevation of 496 m above sea level just above the power station, via a 480 meter long free-flow tunnel with a total volume of 6000 cubic meters. The waters of the Etsch river are dammed here, and the lock house located on three masonry columns covered with porphyry stone, built in 1925 for the operation of the lock. It was renovated in 2003, maintaining its original style, as was the former Zieglbrugg (so named because it was once covered by a roof). There was already an arched bridge built at this site during Roman times, as attested by documents housed in the Johanneum in Innsbruck dating from the 14th and 16th century.

The Peter Mitterhofer cultural trail towards Rabland/Rablà starts next to the two marble plaques commemorating the construction of the power station, as does the Marlinger Waalweg trail as well as the nearby Algunder Waalweg trail; one of the plaques dates from the Austro-Hungarian era and the other from the Fascist era on the occasion of its expansion.

The power plant building is a protected historical monument.

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Parking at the bridge of Töll/Tel

Public transportation
From Meran/Merano : by train or by busline 251 to Töll/Tel
From the Vinschgau/Val Venosta: by train or by bus 251 to Töll/Tel
From Meran/Merano and Partschins/Parcines: the busline 213

Public transport
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