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Fiè allo Sciliar/Völs am Schlern

Fiè allo Sciliar/Völs am Schlern

Hike to the Hofer Alpl and the Malga Tuff/Tuff Alm Huts

Hike to the Hofer Alpl and the Malga Tuff/Tuff Alm Huts

Alpe di Siusi Marketing
Via del Paese, 15
39050 Fiè allo Sciliar/Völs am Schlern
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Route description

The starting point for the tour is the church in Umes/Ums. Then head in the direction “Hofer Alpl, Malga Tuff/Tuff Alm”, around a few bends on the way, until a path towards “Hofer Alpl, Sciliar/Schlern” begins on the right (trail no. 3). The path to the Hofer Alpl is now fairly steep, leading you uphill through the forest. From the Hofer Alpl, the trail first leads along a forest road, then a footpath and on to the Malga Tuff. The path merges into a wide path uphill to the Sciliar (trail no. 1). The route crosses the Rio di Fiè/Völser Bach stream and leads on over vast Alpine meadows to the Malga Tuff. Before you get to the hut, a stony trail forks off to the left to the Laghetto di Fiè/Völser Weiher lake. It winds through the wood and meets with the gravelly road leading to the Malga Tuff. After the Laghetto Huber/Huber Weiher lake, turn left onto a walking trail towards Umes (trail no. 2). The path leads down through a woody valley and streams and then over open meadows back to Umes.

General description

This variety-packed loop route begins in Umes/Ums, leads to the Hofer Alpl and Malga Tuff/Tuff Alm huts high above Fiè/ Völs, passes by the Laghetto di Fiè /Völser Weiher and Huber Weiher lakes and is in spectacular proximity to the mighty rock faces of the Schlern and the Croda del Maglio/Hammerwand. The tenants are on the Malga Tuff are passionate about animals so it is not unusual to find camels, alpacas, rabbits, donkeys and horses on the pastures.

description to arrive at destination

Interurban bus line 176 will bring you to Umes/Ums village centre, the set-off point for the tour.

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