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High mountain road of Marlengo

High mountain road of Marlengo

Association of tourism Marlengo
Kirchplatz 5
39020 Marlengo
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From Meran/Merano or the valley Vinschgau/Val Venosta into the centre of Marling/Marlengo.

General description

The Marlengo high mountain road leads you from one farmhouse to the next. After the second turn from the Bergerstrasse, you will pass the Inner-Holzmair, later on the Ausser-Holzmair and finally the Senn am Egg, which is still run as a pub today. The impressions you have while walking along the Marlengo high mountain road come partly from these farmhouses, but also from the mixed forest, some orchards, meadows, majestic chestnut trees, as well as from the wide view across the burgrave's office and its surrounding mountains and slopes. Description: From Marlengo (363 metres), you will follow road number 33, which will lead you first of all along the Bergerstrasse in a south-westerly direction passing the Gasthaus Waalheim. From here you walk up to the sharp bend just above the Halbweg. From here, turn right and walk along the Marlengo high mountain road (well marked, cannot be missed), which leads you slightly up and down through meadows and forests, as well as along the above named farmhouses (highest part of the road = approx. 780 metres). Walk in a northerly direction until you come to the Senn am Egg (698 metres), where the high mountain road will end. Then follow mark number 35 and descend to Marlengo. However, it is far more rewarding to follow the marked forest path via the Josefsberg in the direction of Forst, then descend to the Marlin irrigation channel road and follow this road through forests and orchards to the lovely St. Felix chapel (which is unfortunately situated below a power line). Walk in a southerly direction to the Waldschenke and from there descend to Marlengo.

Difference in altitude: approx. 420 metres Total walking time: approx. 4 to 5 hours


On the public car parks in the center of Marlengo (next to the fire brigade and in the Traubenwirt's park) can be parked for free for 120 minutes (with parking ticket!). For a longer parking time parking tickets can be solved (0,50 € / hr), whereby two hours are always free.

Author's tip

Good to know:

  • emergency call 112
  • weather report: weather.provinz.bz.it
  • timetable: www.suedtirolmobil.info/en

5 hiking rules:

  1. Every tour should be planned carefully and should correspond to one’s individual physical condition
  2. Equipment must be the right size. You should have sturdy footwear, a weatherproof rucksack, sun protection, warm and windproof clothing.
  3. Avoid walking too fast. The tempo should be determined by the slowest member of your company.
  4. Do not stray from the market trails.
  5. Keep the mountains clean! Please take all your refuse back down with you.
Public transport

The bus line 212 stopps directly into the centre of Marling/Marlengo.