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S. Michele | Appiano

S. Michele | Appiano

Gantkofel - Bergner Kreuz

Gantkofel - Bergner Kreuz

Tourism Office Eppan
Rathausplatz/Piazza Municipio 1
39057 S. Michele | Appiano
Route description

The trail starts at Buchwald (956 metres, 3137 ft). Trail No. 546 leads first steeply through a meadow, then through the forest to the firefighting pond at the Pfauenboden. The forest trail comes to an end and the path becomes rocky as it runs into the narrow Kematscharte wind gap. A careful look at the rock face is recommended, especially in late spring as the snow melts or after a thunderstorm, in order to avoid a possible rockfall. With the firmly anchored safety rope the next key section via the ladder should not cause any difficulties. Anyone for whom the ladder is too exposed, can turn left through an opening in the cliff. Once the last few metres have been negotiated along a good zigzagging path, the nearby Bergner Cross, at 1784 metres (5853 ft), is visible on the right and can be reached in a quarter of an hour over grassy terrain. There is now nothing to prevent your enjoyment of the summit. The west side of the Mendel Ridge is
wide and woody, and a barbecue, table and bench invite you to linger. The descent leads back down into the wind gap. Continue a short way along trail No. 546 until you reach the crossroads with trail No. 500, which then heads in southerly direction to the Prinzenwiesen meadows. Some hiking maps and signs still show the Prinzhütte, but there are only a few boards left of the old barn. The next trail, No. 545, again leads from the wide forest area of the Mendel Mountains towards the east side of the Mendel range, in the direction of Überetsch. A long traverse, first in a southerly direction, then with a marked change of direction, to the north-east, returns to the starting point along a narrow, sometimes rocky forest track. With a sense of satisfaction your eyes will probably remain on the summit for a long time. In the summer, a hike to the Bergner Cross before sunrise is highly recommended.

For hikers suffering from vertigo: ascend and descend via Neuer Weg (No. 545).

General description

This alpine mountain hike in Eppan is an absolute must for vertigo- free hikers. A varied ascent through a narrow channel with a 25 metre-long (82 ft), newly installed ladder and a unique view from the summit cross.