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San Cassiano

San Cassiano

From Passo Valparola to Pralongiá and down to San Cassiano

From Passo Valparola to Pralongiá and down to San Cassiano

San Cassiano Tourist Office
Str. Micurá de Rü 26
39036 San Cassiano
Operation Schedules
description to arrive at destination

Follow the SS244 Val Badia road towards La Villa and continue on road SS37 to San Cassiano.

Public transport

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General description

An altidude hike from Passo Valparola to San Cassiano under the Setsas peak and to the Pralongiá plateau. Admire impressive views over the entire Alta Badia mountains with a close-up of the Lagazuoi top and the majestic peaks of Lavarela and Conturines. If you wish to extend your itinerary, you can even ascend the Setsas mountain.

Route description

From Passo Valparola take trail nr. 24, which on the west leads to Pralongiá. The narrow trail descends to a junction. At this point, trail nr. 24 on the right, moves on ups and downs to the north side of the Setsas peak. From the hollow, climb steeply to the next junction, from where you reach the summit of the Setsas (2158 m). Proceeding on trail nr. 24 you arrive at the ridge Les Pizades to then descend to the Störes meadows direction Pralongiá. At the fork, continue on path nr. 23 that brings you to the alpine guesthouse Pralongiá (2 h 30 min.). Proceed northwards, following trail nr. 23 to San Cassiano until reaching the next junction. From here, take path nr. 22 through the meadows to the Ütia Saraghes hut (1 h). Still on trail nr. 22, which slopes slightly downwards, walk through woods and pastures to the village of San Cassiano.