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Farm hike between Chienes/Kiens and San Sigismondo/St. Sigmund

Farm hike between Chienes/Kiens and San Sigismondo/St. Sigmund

Tourist Office Kiens
Kiener Dorfweg 4 b
39030 Chienes/Kiens
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Kiens center

General description

Rural tradition and stunning landscapes.

From Gisser Eck in San Sigismondo/St. Sigmund, this hike runs along a sun-spoilt hillside dotted with fascinating glimpses of farm life in the Pusteria/Pustertal valley. On a three-hour hike, this circular trail sets off from the valley bottom and leads through granite-ridden slopes to low mountain plateaus with spectacular views of dense pine forests firmly grappled into the hillside with their widely ramified, deep-reaching roots. Scattered across the glacier-shaped landscapes, quartz phyllite rocks and boulders stick out alongside a number of granite glacial erratics. Many lookout points offer inviting spots for a long break admiring the panoramic views.
Chosen to describe the tradition each farmhouse was known for, the names of the many widely dispersed farmsteads tell an interesting tale: Decker-Hof is derived from Decke, the German word for blanket, while Perchner-Hof refers to a birch grove, Friesenbühel alludes to a frosty hill, Gatscher Hof describes a badly-cut forest clearance, Hitthaler-Hof is reminiscent of a valley of inns and mountain huts (Hüttental) and Neller-Hof is a shortened reference to the name Cornelius.
From Chienes/Kiens, the trail continues back to San Sigismondo/St. Sigmund through these quaint rural landscapes. There are a number of inns to take a well-deserved break: Hotel Gassenwirt, Gasthof Pizzeria Petra and Bonfanti Design Hotel.