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Sand in Taufers/Campo Tures

Sand in Taufers/Campo Tures

Daimerweg [trail] – Kellerbauerweg [trail] – Nevesjoch / Chemnitzerhütte [alpine hut]

Daimerweg [trail] – Kellerbauerweg [trail] – Nevesjoch / Chemnitzerhütte [alpine hut]

Speikboden AG
Drittelsand 7
39032 Sand in Taufers/Campo Tures
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Route description

Daimerweg [trail] – Kellerbauerweg [trail] – Nevesjoch / Chemnitzerhütte [alpine hut].

Using the cable car Speikboden to reach an altitude of 2000m. Use the trail "Daimerweg" (n. 27) and from the ridge the trail "Kellerbauerweg" (n. 27) to reach the hut Chemnitzerhütte. From the hut you can also descend to Lappach (artificial lake) or to Weißenbach. Arrived in Lappach call a taxi (+39 0474 685005 / +39 348 3529812) to get back to the lower terminal; from Weißenbach you can take a regular bus at 4 or 6 pm.

Alternatively you can use the chair lift Sonnklar to ascent from 2000m to 2400m. On the way several descents to Mühlwald, Lappach or Weißenbach are possible. One of the alpine paths offering the best view of our area.

Numbers of paths: 27.

Walking time: 6h, Distance: 16.00 km, Ascent: 992 m, Descent: 532 m, Difficulty: moderate.

General description

The Speikboden is more than just a favorite ski area. It is also an ideal hiking area. The mountain got its name from a little flower that grows in the high mountains – Alpine valerian, or “Speik” in German – and that is in fact because this lovely flower is often found in the hiking area.

With the cable cars you can reach the "Speikboden Alm" at 2000 metres of altitude or the Sonnklar mountain at 2400 metres above sea level. Both are starting points for fantastic walks and hikes along well maintained trails. Particularly popular are the sunrise walks - to spot the first sunrays while the valley still lies in darkness is a memorable experience.

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