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Alpine tour: On the Seikofel/ Monte Covolo

Alpine tour: On the Seikofel/ Monte Covolo

Tourist Office from Sexten/Sesto
Dolomitenstr. 45
39030 Sexten/Sesto
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General description

A beautiful and not too long hike, which leads through the high moors. Wide paths lead up to the Seikofel/ Monte Covolo, which is popular for summer hikes and snowshoe hikes. It is also home to the capercaillie and other game species. In order to protect these, it is important to stay on the paths and enjoy the landscape in peace. Because of the dense network of paths you need a good hiking map!

TIP: Bring your own provisions, the first stop is the Caravan Park at the end of the hike.

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Starting point: Moos/Moso

Route description

From Moos/Moso we go right upwards to the Froneben Gasthaus (1540 m). Now we walk on way nr. 139 across the marshy fields "Obere Oltl" until the forest street nr. 13. This way takes us trough tight wood to a crossing (1.756 m - Saumahd) and a high cross. We go right (left you reach the Klammbach alp) and arrive again in the forest. We follow the forest street up and reach a big clearing. The path 132 on the left side brings us to the Monte Cavolo/Seikofel (1.908 m), passing wonderful marshy countries, rare flowers and animals. Some pools are remains from the bombs of the World War I. The Monte Cavolo was an ideal lookout in the war and an important point. Now we take the path nr. 131 down towards Passo Monte Croce/Kreuzbergpass. After a short way going up you reach a crossing, there we take the large forest street on the right side (nr. 130) which passes to the black lake (Schwarzsee) and another murshy field. We arrive at a sign towards Camping which takes us left down on the path nr. 13 passing the caravan park - Camping and reaching the way nr. 1. We follow this way and return back at Moos/Moso. Summary: a very nice panoramic tour who takes us in a little natural paradise - far away from noise and people.