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Farm handcrafts in Ulten/St. Nikolaus
Fam. Paris Oberhof 253
M +39 339 1713897
The farm
Oberhof farm lies above the village of St. Nikolaus in the valley of Ultental, not far from St. Moritz chapel, the oldest Gothic hilltop church in the valley, and close to Schwemmalm skiing and hiking area. 16 Tyrolean ‘Grauvieh’ cattle are kept in the stable of this organic farm specializing in meat production. It is here, at 1,600 metres above sea level, that Erhard Paris has breathed new life into the ancient craft of wickerwork and set up a workshop, his ‘Ultner Flechtwerkstatt’, in the stable of Oberhof farm. As an expert in the field, he holds courses and talks.
Bauer Erhard Paris
extends a warm welcome!
We speak German and Italian
mobile +39 339 1713897
Wickerwork is his passion
Working with natural materials has fascinated Erhard Paris from an early age and as a child he used to find all the things he needed in the woods and meadows around the family farm. He then gathered the requisite know-how in his years of training as a weaver, wood turner and wood carver. “That was when the passion for wickerwork took hold of me and never let go”, recalls the farmer. In front of his workshop, piles of rods and twigs wait to be woven. “I like experimenting with various materials and forms”, stresses the creative agriculturalist. His goal is to develop something unique that has never been created before in this form. What he particularly likes about wicker objects is their “light, porous aspect and the fact that they allow me to be so versatile”.
Each piece is unique
Here you will find unique wickerwork from the range of Erhard Paris.
The range
  • wooden jewellery
  • baskets of all shapes and sizes
  • decorative items
  • wickerwork with wool
Location & arrival
in Ulten/St. Nikolaus lies at
1590 metres above sea level.
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